Monday, January 14, 2013

Lindi and the MLA

You couldn't be an MLA student and not know Lindi. She was everywhere.

I brought a Shakespearean stage manager onto campus last spring to help those of us who were going into Larry Friedlander's summer MLA seminar read "Macbeth" in advance of the class. Worried about turnout for a six-hour indoor event on a sunny weekend, I threw it open to alumni. Lo and behold, up shows Lindi. She was a fine Lady Macbeth, Hecate, Ross, Banquo... In fact, we doubled so many of the parts that I think at one point she was talking to herself, switching accents back and forth with fluency. We were in awe.

She claimed that Friedlander had given her a B- in the same class and that she had to atone for her offense against taste. I don't believe it for a minute.

It's hard to believe that someone so energetic is suddenly gone. Go well, Lindi. You are missed.

Barbara Wilcox
MLA '14


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Mary Ellen Foley said...

Lindi and I took Larry Friedlander's seminar on Shakespeare and staging the same summer, and one memorable afternoon, Lindi was Antonio to my Shylock. It's a testiment to the power of Shakespeare that he could make us forget we were a couple of middle-aged overweight women and not clashing Venetian businessmen. Off the page, the magic was mostly down to Lindi herself; she was a pro--her Antonio was so good it could even make my Shylock seem plausible.

We met up once in the UK after I moved over here; she was changing planes at Gatwick and had a layover, so I drove over and we had coffee and caught up. We kept in touch by email, but the last time I saw her in person was my colloquium; she was one of the true friends who allowed me to inflict an early version of my talk on them, and who gave me pointers for improvement.

She was such a force! It's hard to imagine that all that energy and personality can have evaporated. Much missed...much missed.

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