Monday, January 14, 2013

The Stanford Insider

Lindi was the true Stanford insider. Yes, she knew policy and departmental history and curriculum rules and all of the minutiae associated with doing her job fantastically well. But the Lindi I will miss is Lindi the Queen of the Unwritten, the Master of the Obscure, the  Knower of the Arcane. When we’d meet in the evening for drinks at the Faculty Club, she’d regale me with stories about Stanford (always told in her own utterly unique style). Lindi knew everyone on campus, those who used to be on campus, and strange and curious details that have long been forgotten by everyone else. I continue to wonder at the compendium of fact, rumor, and anecdotal information that she was able to stockpile. Lindi used to talk about writing an insider’s guide to navigating Stanford – it would have been a bestseller. As I write this I can hear Lindi’s voice in my ear, “I bet you didn’t know that….”

Suzi Weersing
Associate Dean, Graduate and Undergraduate Studies
School of Humanities and Sciences


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